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Old 04-28-2012, 08:55 AM
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Default Dunta Robinson Update

Unnoticed by many was that the Eagles on Thursday traded CB Asante Samuel to the Falcons for a 7th round pick. Yes, that's all the Falcs had to give up for one of the top CBs in the game.

It was the reasoning both camps give that explains the deal. The Eagles need cap room for the next cap deadline and believed the most painless way to get there was to get rid of Samuel's contract which still has about $20 million over two years on it.

The Falcons had the cap room but they also decided they needed an upgrade for Dunta Robinson on the corner. Despite his own big contract, Robinson is now going to be a slot/3rd down CB in Atlanta.

What that tells me is that the Texans made the right choice when they ler Dunta walk in free agency a couple of years ago. He never came all the way back to the great player he was before that horrific injury he had in Oakland. Dunta believed he should have been paid like a front-line corner but he simply wasn't one anymore and now the Falcons, in their own way, are admitting it.

I loved Dunta as a player before the injury and he was a great competitor after the injury but he just wasn't as talented after he came back. Sad but predictable that blowing out his knee and his achilles all in one play was going to be too much to overcome despite all his efforts to rehab.
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