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Default Current QB ranking

This from football outsiders has a few surprises, and good info, DYAR rank

QB Ranking/QB/Pick used

Top Tier:
1: Manning Rd1, 1st overall (signed as FA)
2: Rivers Rd1, 4th overall
3: Brees Rd 2, 32nd overall (signed as FA)
4: Ryan Rd1, 3rd overall
5: Foles Rd3, 88th overall
6: Brady Rd 6, 199th overall
7: Romo Undrafted (300th for math)
8: Kaepernick Rd2, 36th overall
9: Wilson Rd3, 75th overall
10: Rodgers Rd1, 24th overall

Middle Tier:
11: Roethlisberger Rd1, 11th overall
12: Stafford Rd1, 1st overall
13: McCown Rd3, 81st overall (Journeyman signing, likely not a middle tier QB)
14: Luck Rd1, 1st overall
15: Palmer Rd1, 1st overall (Acquired for 6th round pick)
16: Dalton Rd2, 35th overall
17: Newton Rd1, 1st overall
18: Cutler Rd1, 11th overall
19: Bradford Rd1, 1st overall (make or break year)
20: Smith Rd1, 1st overall (Acquired for conditional 4th round pick IIRC)

Bottom Tier:
21: Fitzpatrick Rd7, 250th overall
22: Glennon Rd3, 73rd overal
23: Cassel Rd7, 230th overall
24: Locker Rd1, 8th overall
25: Clemens Rd2, 49th overall
26: Tannehill Rd1, 8th overall
27: Vick Rd1, 1st overall
28: Hoyer Undrafted (300th for math)

Sub Replacements:
29: McGloin Undrafted (300th for math)
30: Campbell Rd1, 25th overall
31: Ponder Rd1, 11th overall
32: RGIII Rd1, 2nd overall
33: Thad Lewis Undrafted (300th for math)
34: Chad Henne Rd2, 57th overall
35: Schaub Rd3, 90th overall
36: Freeman Rd1, 17th overall
37: Manual Rd1, 14th overall
38: Keenum Undrafted (300th)
39: Flynn Rd7, 209th overall
40: Flacco Rd1, 18th overall
41: Cousins Rd4, 102nd overall
42: Eli Manning Rd1, 1st overall
43: Geno Smith Rd2, 39th overall
44: Pryor Rd3, Supplemental (75th for math)
45: Weeden Rd1, 22nd overall
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Must be strictly based on 2013 numbers. Who would you rather have to win a playoff game - Nick Foles or Ben Roethlisberger? Which guy would you rather build your offense around - Kellen Clemens or RG3?
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