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Default Once Again, The NFL TV Coverage Maps

One of my favorite sites during football season. It lets you see which game is on your local stations anywhere in the country so you can prepare where you want to watch the game.

In much of Texas, there is a constant question about whether the Cowboys or the Texans will take priority when there is a schedule clash and if your fave is out of market, you can plan ahead to find a sports bar that can let you watch the game via satellite.

Keep in mind too that, starting this year, the late game of the doubleheader starts at :25 after the hour, instead of the previous :15 after the hour. What that also means is that CBS programming will probably get pushed back even further when they have the late game so fans of "60 Minutes", "The Amazing Race", "The Good Wife", etc. will have to adjust accordingly.

It's also fun to ask yourself why a certain game is shown in a particular market that doesn't make geographic sense. Usually, it has to do with a college star that is now on a pro team and certain fans still want to follow that player so expect some Redskin games in Waco (Griffin) and Colts games out by the Bay (Luck). Interesting that the Jets are being shown in Colorado during week one in hopes, I suppose, that Mark Sanchez gets pulled for a certain recent Broncos quarterback.
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