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Originally Posted by Nconroe View Post
Then SBNation gave Texans a B+

Houston Texans

1 (21). Will Fuller, WR, Notre Dame

2 (50). Nick Martin, C, Notre Dame

3 (85). Braxton Miller, WR, Ohio State

4 (119). Tyler Ervin, RB, San Jose State

5 (159). K.J. Dillon, S, West Virginia

5 (166). D.J. Reader, DT, Clemson

Best pick: Miller - Miller is a player who has sky-high potential if he can continue the development at wide receiver that he flashed at Ohio State.
All of these players with the exception of Ervin were My Guys. I simply had players ranked higher than when we selected them. The best value in my opinion was Braxton Miller when he was selected, but I would have preferred his teammate TE Nick Vannett at that point in the draft to address what I feel is a glaring hole. Ervin had a ton of touches at San Jose, so perhaps he is more durable than his size would lead me to believe. If he and Braxton Miller rack up some huge returns this season, I will quiet down. I would have gone after Tyvis Powell late instead of Dillon and he ended up being signed as a UDFA by the Seahawks. I had Sean Davis (#58), Vonn Bell (#61), and Miles Killebrew (#111) ranked higher than Dillon (#159) and they were off the board. There were no other 320lbs NT available and Reader has talent. My only concern was rumors concerning his motivation and work ethic. I think Nick Martin will be a solid OC for years to come and an upgrade over Ben Jones. Braxton Miller is raw and doesn't know how to run routes yet, because he was converted from QB. If he develops into a NFL WR, he could be a huge steal due to his agility 6.65-Cone and 4.07 - Shuttle is amazing for 6'2" 201lbs.

It's too early to grade without seeing them on the field, but I give them a B.
Originally Posted by chuck
I'm just sitting here thinking (pacing, actually) that whatever my issues with Kubiak he is apparently a goddam genius at tutoring quarterbacks.
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I read somewhere the reason Reader left football for a while was to deal with the loss of his father. As you probably know people deal with loss differently, and Reader shouldn't be punished for that. I'm sure bob did his due diligence after the Nix debacle, plus having fellow allumni Hopkins on the team can't hurt either.
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