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Default Interesting find from a Texans Scout

Texans national scout Ed Lambert told Organ that Lewis is a better prospect than D.J. Moore, the former Vanderbilt cornerback who was drafted by the Chicago Bears in the fourth round of the 2009 NFL Draft.

"Lewis has got better length and (like Moore) he's got good ball skills," said Lambert. "Lewis is a little bit better cover guy overall and he's instinctive. His size is such a big plus with that height, long arms, long legs. Moore was a little shorter guy. Lewis has all the measurables for the position."

Indeed, Lewis is not your typical corner at 6-2, 203 (think about a guy with Jacoby Jones size playing corner). Lewis' size and physicality lends itself to playing traditional cover-two where he can play up on the line, jam receivers and provide run support. Or he could end up at safety.

A part of the Texans secondary, a player with Lewis' size would certainly help in matchups with the bigger wide receivers in the AFC South like Kenny Britt, Nate Washington and Mike Sims-Walker. currently has a 5th round grade on Lewis with a stock rising indicator. Organ said that most projections "have Lewis being drafted in the third, fourth or fifth round."

I wouldn't be surprised if the Texans draft two defensive backs in this draft. One early and one mid-to-late.
M. Lewis could be our late round DB, especially if we get Earl Thomas in the first; or if we go with Wilson early, Lewis could be our FS.
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Marcus Coleman reincarnated?
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