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Old 08-15-2016, 01:16 AM
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Default Cord Cutters - Sling TV Just Added NFL Network and NFL Red Zone

This is my first football season without a cable box (and my first NFL season in awhile where I've had to work on Sundays) but a streaming video company called Sling TV - a subsidiary of Dish TV - is offering cable-cutting sports junkies a darn good deal, made better because they are now offering NFL Network and NFL Red Zone.

Last year at this time, Sling offered a $20/mo package and the first one which included ESPN. They also had ESPN2, TBS and TNT. For a $5/mo bonus package, you could add ESPN News, ESPN U, SEC Network, and some live look-in channels for college football and college basketball. Nice.

This spring, Sling offered a separate package for $25/mo that replaced all the ESPN and Disney channels for channels in the Fox/NBC family. Along with TBS and TNT, this one now offers Fox Sports1, Fox Sports2, FX, NBC Sports, NFL Network, Fox Sports Regional*, Comcast Regional*, the local Fox affiliate* and the local NBC affiliate* (*- where contractually available).

The $5/mo bonus package includes the Golf Channel and NFL Red Zone.

But what if I don't want to choose between ESPN and Fox and just want all of it? Well, you can now get both channel lineups for $40/mo and the bonus channels for $5/mo. So, for $45/mo I now have all the channels listed plus many others for still far less than what I was paying for cable.

With the cost savings, I paid the $99/yr subscription for the NFL Game Pass, allowing me access to all NFL games except live Sunday ticket games. Those you can watch once the game is over, either in full broadcast, condensed game or coaches' film version. Since I can't be home most Sundays, this way, I can watch the games after I get home.

Astros fans, sorry. Root Sports (a consortium of AT&T and Direct TV) is not available, nor is the MLB Network. CBS is not available but CBS All Access ($5.99/mo) gives you their programming, including the local affiliate.

Sling TV is not just available for the home. You can watch it on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or pc. Likewise, Game Pass travels wherever you go and a Sling TV subscription with the ESPN package allows you to get Watch ESPN which is their on-demand streaming channel which usually features the ABC and ESPN college games you may have missed.
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