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Originally Posted by HPF Bob View Post
Swerving this back to the correct topic, I decided to jinx the Saints in Week 1. It was them or the Eagles against Washington and I am often leary of division rivalry games. Want an upset special? The Giants make a habit of going into Dallas in Week 1 and upsetting the Cowboys causing instant gnashing of teeth in North Texas.

Want to see a game not in your area? Try this: (not .com). Choose the sport and then the game you want. Scroll down to a small box that says "watch live" and "download". DO NOT CLICK EITHER. Avoid clicking any other ads unless you want to be redirected. Wait 30 seconds for the small box to disappear and then it will be replaced by a "play" arrow. Click this.

You'll then get the live broadcast and an icon in the lower corner to change to full screen. Works for MLB, NFL and NCAA. Good quality after some initial buffering. If there is a browser in your phone, this can work too.

I suspect somebody will shut it down eventually. Viewers outside the US may need to VPN into a U.S. server before accessing the programming.
Hey Bob thanks for the tip about I used yesterday it to check out the Seattle-Cinci game and catch JD Clowneys debut with his new team.
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