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Cam Newton almost screwed up my perfect run last weekend until he turned a last-minute fumble into a touchdown against Tampa Bay.

16-0, staring down a 17-0 record if I can win this week. All the "gimmee" teams have already been played. It stands to reason, right? If you eliminate 16 of 32 teams, you're probably betting the farm on some team you'd rather not show such confidence in.

There are two games where I haven't chose either team - Green Bay at Detroit and Houston at Indianapolis. For all the others, I'd have to choose the decided underdog.

Could you trust the Jeckyl-and-Hide (8-7) Lions at home against the Rodgers-less (7-8) Pack? Brett Hundley is no Aaron Rodgers but he hasn't been Osweiler-style awful. The Lions respond to must-win games the way cockroaches respond to lights turned on after 3 am. I'll skip this one.

That leaves us Houston at Indy. The Chronicle is back out with another story citing insiders who claim Rick Smith and Bill O'Brien are getting along about as well as Donald Trump and John McCain. You'd never know these two are allegedly on the same team. Every player worth a damn is out for the season, including DeAndre Hopkins who is sitting out the finale. Consider the (4-11) Texans a stamp-licked, envelope-licked mailed-in club at this point.

The Colts (3-12) still have the semblance of an offense in Jacoby Brissett, Frank Gore and K.Y. Jelly. Furthermore, they're still trying to win games while Houston is not. Odd because one could play for draft position in the spring - and it's not the Texans.

So, for the Big 17-0 and undefeated glory, HPF Bob regrettably takes the Indianapolis Colts at home in the Hoosier Daddy Dome.

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