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Originally Posted by Keith View Post
True, true. But now at least we can all blame the guy who's not around any more.

Solder to the Giants, 4-yr $62M, $35M guaranteed.

I have no issue paying the right LT that kind of money, but I am not sure Solder is that guy. Tough for the Texans front office to let their best option go somewhere else especially in a year when they have the cap space, but overpaying players is the best way to piss away the cap space.
This is all about leverage as a result of fundamental economic principles which is to say that Solder is the one and only capable and reliable LT in free agency this off-season.
Several teams besides the Giants including the Browns and our Texans really want and need a LT consequently the price in bidding for Solder has risen to this level which is what one would expect for an elite tackle except that Solder is anything but elite but much closer to ordinary.
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