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Just returned from Monday's open practice. They have issued attendance numbers of 5,700+, largest crowd ever. And boy was it hot.

Today was the 1st day in shoulder pads, so a little more hitting, but still not full blown pads. Not that they ever really hit (tackle) in practice.

Well today I watched more of the WR drills then the other day.

First my no duh statements.

Jonathan Joesph is a stud. Very few balls are caught by his guy. He has the amazing ability to swipe the ball away before the WR pulls the ball in.

This is the deepest this team has been since they started to play. And they have done it the right way.

JJ Watts is a beast. He is almost unblockable in the one on one drill. His quickness and strength are hard for anyone to stop. Plus IMO he has become the fan friendly guy. (that was Eric Winston before). I think he is going to be very special.

Duane Brown maybe the best OLT is football. These guys were taking ahead of him, Jake Long, Ryan Clady, Branden Albert, ok they are good, but Gosder Cherilus, Jeff Otah, and Sam Baker. Those last guys have not panned out for various reason. And I thought he was only worth a 3rd round pick. Duane Brown is a hard worker and it has paid off in a big way. Pay him Rick!!

Now some observation.

Keshawn Martin continues to flash. Posey also had some moments, he also had a big drop on a very deep ball in 1 on 1.

Schaub's throws looked a lot better today then on Saturday. John Beck has a huge arm. And Case Keenum continues to look solid. I am not slighting Yates here, I just did not focus on him.

Foster looks like he is in mid season form.

Lestar Jean has made the team, the question is can he move up the ladder. I can't tell you how many time I saw a play being made and then noticed it was Kevin Walters making the play. Walters is the clear #2 guy. We are going to be cutting some WR that play in this league for someone.

Stop calling Brandon Harris a bust, he was looking very good in coverage. Also keep an eye on Roc Carmichael. He is looking good.

Ben Jones has a mean streak, and I like that. Plus he the shortest OL guy we have.

Staying with the OL, Derek Newton has really improved, he is going to push Butler, who also looked solid. And Brandon Brooks is looking like a guy who is finding his way. That is not a slight, he has a lot of things to catch up on. And I think he will.

This is a deep team with not many roster spots open, and I am glad I am not the coaches having to make that cut down.
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