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Goodness, I haven't visited this thread in a couple of months.

Foo'ball Fool: Thanks. I'm still envious of that 15-1 week you had....

Ya, I think WMH and Nconroe missed some weeks or they would have been in it, too.

I tied for 2nd place in "the other forum's" pick'em league that started out with 33 players. Most of you other guys would have been in the top 5 which shows that Inthebullseye has some pretty smart pickers.

Next year, I promise to have a $15 Domino's or Papa John's gift card for the winner...

Also, thinking of starting up a Yahoo 3-strikes-and-your-out survivor league if there is enough interest (for those of us that can't last past Week 3 in Bob's pool).
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