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The past few weeks we had bad coaching get bailed out by even worse coaching on the other sideline. Today we had awful QB play get bailed out by even worse QB play. I know Watson got sacked 6 times, but how many of those plays did he hold the ball longer than 4 seconds. He is hanging the OL out to dry, and he's giving the ball away with his refusal to throw a ball away. Not to mention he won't physically last 5 years in the NFL if he doesn't learn to recognize and let go of a bad play. Not every play is a winner and sometimes the best you can do is live to fight another day. The INT before the half was the worst. He actually held the ball too long, escaped the pocket with his unique skills, then held the ball too long a 2nd time and threw a pick on the most obvious throw the ball away play you'll ever find. He is already good enough as is to be a top 5 QB if he'd just let 4-5 plays a game go.
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