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Everybody (the radio guys mainly) seems to point at Parsons for failing to stick close to Lillard.... IIRC, the Rockets had the ball with 7 seconds left, someone took the inbounds pass and then dribbled around for a few seconds (yes!) and then chunked the ball way down court throwing it out of bounds (no!) with .9 seconds left. Who was that guy?

All that person had to do was to dribble for a few seconds, hang onto the ball and wait to get fouled or throw the pass to anybody, Rocket or Blazer who would be way out of range. To me, that was more egregious than the Parsons error.....

At any rate, just wasn't in the cards this year.... IIRC, the big 3 in Miami didn't get it done their first year either so there's that...
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