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Originally Posted by HPF Bob View Post
I got screwed out of the $100k contest. Each week I used the same pick for that contest as I did the itB contest. Back in Week 12, as I was checking results, Yahoo tells me I failed to enter the $100k contest that week when I always do both at the same time and my itB entry was posted. They won't let me correct the $100k entry after the fact (understandably) so I'm eliminated there.

Anyway, as you'll note. I haven't missed once. If this were the old rules, I would have already won the itB contest. I wish I was still in the running for the money. Hope I haven't jinxed myself posting this.
Unless I'm mistaken you would have won it a month ago or so, maybe more.

I'm amazed that the pickem game is still basically wide open. By this time in the season someone, usually Fool, has an insurmountable lead.
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