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Originally Posted by Keith View Post
Tyrod's performance was surprisingly bad. The Texans are tanking... suspending Cunningham a week after Reid is making it obvious but Tyrod and all other players on the field should be still playing their best effort level. Tyrod is probably just showing us he is what he is.... a career backup at NFL standard, which is not all that surprising actually.

The players aren't dumb. Morale is likely suffering when they see these lame suspensions.
I think you're misreading this, I don't think the Texans are anywhere near this devious. This isn't a deliberate tank, this is just incompetence masquerading as building culture. I absolutely reject the notion that these suspensions are part of a tanking effort. It's just more garden variety Texans idiocy.

But they're going to end up with a top two pick in the draft and I for one can't wait to see how that bug eyed lunatic fks it up.
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