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Originally Posted by Keith View Post
More rookie GM pains...

Albright tweeted this as it related to the Texans getting sniped after trading up *twice* before ultimately selecting the TCU LB Wallow. Not a good look for Caserio at all. So not only did he fail to let the draft fall to him, he gave up three picks to move up and still whiffed.

Perhaps fortunately, Wallow may yet be a good pick. There are countless examples where teams fail to get their man but still get a player as good or better anyway. But if this is true, just another mess for the Texans and a waste of draft capital.
That is a very bad look for the new GM. Also I don't like the way he did not let the draft come to him. But I do think they went into the draft not wanting to make 8 picks, so it looks like the plan was to get 5 guys. i just don't get the positions they drafted, all looked like they were full, and would not have the reps necessary to evaluate and teach the young players. (QB would be the exception cause Deshaun is gone as soon as this stuff clears up and he has any value).
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