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1st some bad news, Duane Brown got hurt today. We do not know how bad. I saw it happen he got tangled up and went to the ground. Seems he got his ankle rolled on. Got up slowly and and played the next down.

I never saw him leave the field but he did not get carted off as reported. They drove him to the stadium to get xrays. Hopefully this is a slight strain, not a high ankle sprain. We will know later today.

I watched from the stands today. But today they did not have rosters for us when we came in so always sure of what I am seeing. I will take my own roster on Friday.

Lestar Jean was working with the 2nd team today and Keshawn Martin was working with the ones. That is a big jump for Martin. But they also had Bryant Johnson working with the ones, so they maybe just shaking it up to see different guys against different levels of coverage.

I am going to stop telling you guys how good JJo is, the man is very very good and I am so glad is on this team.

Keep an eye on Grimes RB, he should make the practice squad. He is having a very good camp.

Beck had a mental mistake today which caused Kubaik to take away some reps on the field today.

Jeff Maehl had two drops today during team drills. That is news because he usually catches everything.

Tate made a great move when Brooks was knocked to the ground in the hole. Tate jump over him and took off on a long gain.

Mercilus had a sack on Schaub, but it was not on Brown. But still the man has amazing quickness.

Friday I will go watch OL/DL drills, so I might not be able to get you guys the info on on the team drills.
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