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Default Mr. Hockey

Found a made-for-Hallmark-Channel movie in the discount bin at H-E-B entitled "Mr. Hockey". It is about Gordie Howe joining the World Hockey Association in 1973 to play with the Houston Aeros along with his two teenaged sons, Mark and Marty, and won a championship with the fledgling league that merged with the NHL by the end of the decade.

Aside from a few historical glitches, the filmmakers do the story pretty well and, being Hallmark, one of the chief stars is the actress who plays Gordie's wife, Colleen.

I actually had a chance to interview the Howes during my early radio career but I was too young to ask any really good questions and the Howes, like most hockey players, give very stiff close-to-the-vest answers.

But I remember how excited Houston was for the Aeros and I'm still puzzled that the NHL has never tried to market a team in Houston. Those Aero jerseys looked simplistic but still eye-catching and I guess one of the things I really enjoyed about the movie was watching those authentic-looking WHA jerseys with many of the correct names on the backs of them.

If you remember the old WHA or just want to see a forgotten part of Houston sports history, I would suggest watching it.
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