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Added the link to the podcast of the interview in the OP.

Some notes:
- DeMeco was playing Madden with Morlon Greenwood at the start of the interview. DeMeco was Dallas, Morlon was Houston. At the end of the interview, he said he was winning 14-0.
- He and Dunta "want to be locked in here for the rest of our careers".
- "We tried to get a deal done, but ... contract talks stalled on that end. We did talk about re-doing the contract, but we couldn't agree on a number."
- "I'm looking to get a deal done before the season. I'm hoping we can re-open talks and hash out all the grievances and get a deal done. ... I love Houston. This is where I want to be. I just want a great deal that locks me up here in Houston."
- No further talks are scheduled at this time.
- "I'm just trying to see what they're going to do here in the offseason with the free agent moves because it seems like they're gonna make some big move in some way."
- "At the same time you want your core guys to be locked up. Me and Dunta, I feel like we're core guys. ... We should be a priority to be taken care of first."
- "I would focus on me. I feel like I played out the rookie contract two years ago."
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