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Here's one snippet from Kubiak (available from the official):
(on if the team will be looking to improve defensively through free agency) “Obviously, it’s something Rick and I have been discussing over the course of the last few weeks. We definitely need to make our football team better in free agency, and I think there is an opportunity for us to do that, without specific names or positions. But we’ve done our homework; we are ready to go. Hopefully, we can improve our football team in a couple of spots, and then when we get through with that, we’ll move on to the draft. I think there are some good football players out there.”
The offseason training wheels are off for Rick Smith. He must be feeling more confident in himself now and willing to make a splash for the right player.

I'm sure Kubiak is asking for the best he can get on defense... this is year 4 for him. He needs a winner. He got Casserly and Ferens to sign Weaver to a big money deal in 2006. I doubt Kubiak would be the one pulling in the reins on any huge defensive signing.

Cap guru Chris Olsen has shown he knows what he's doing. He is fair and creative, plus no scent that he doesn't play within the rules.

The team has cap room this year to make the moves they want.

All together, I think the right ingredients are there for the team to make a splash next Friday, especially on defense, if someone they want is still available. The only way I think I would be truly surprised would be if the team spent megabuxxx on an offensive free agent.
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